Brain Power Workshop

How to Make Your Good Brain Great

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Do you know you can increase your brain power?

Mainstream science once held that this is impossible, that the brain is fixed and cannot be improved since it is already hard-wired. However, more recent research in neuro-plasticity has found this to be incorrect.

Your brain is quite malleable and is capable of altering its structure including the generating of new brain cells. Using mental activity, you can even change your brain to restore physical and mental health.

This workshop will show you how you can increase your brain power by using thinking techniques and physical exercises that will enhance your thinking skills. Using these techniques daily will improve your thinking, memory, creativity, and communication skills, making you a more effective manager.

How you will benefit

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

What you will learn

What you will learn in the two-day workshop:

Who should attend

Managers, executives and business professionals who want to improve their thinking skills and build up their brain power.

What our clients say about our workshops

"A very enriching workshop." Sales Manager, Texas Instruments

"This is one course I can use immediately. Can't wait to try out the techniques." Manager, Singapore Airlines

"The instructor manages to capture the attention of everyone and is clear in his presentation." Engineer, Housing & Development Board

"Excellent trainer!" Army Officer, Ministry of Defence

To attend the workshop

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