Boosting Your EQ

Some people have fantastic logical powers, but if they are not in tune with their emotional nature, they will never be fully rounded human beings.

We call this spiritual self-knowledge Emotional Intelligence or EQ.

In order to understand this complex intelligence, answer the following 15 questions which will give you, as you answer them, a deep insight into what this intelligence really is.

On each question, give yourself a score from 0 to 5. Nought would mean you were least able in this category, and 5 that you are most able. Be as honest as you can with yourself.

  1. I am able to cry in appropriate emotional situations.
  2. My attitude to life is positive.
  3. I relish others displaying affection towards me.
  4. I regularly tell those close to me that I love them.
  5. My body language is always in tune with my message, and I regularly use varied and open-armed gestures.
  6. I listen with understanding and compassion, and am well known for doing so.
  7. I delight in the multiplicity of human characters, and am sensitive to different types.
  8. People regularly come to me to help them gain insight. I do help them to gain it.
  9. In conversation, I maintain meaningful eye contact.
  10. I often 'feel at one' with the universe.
  11. I am known for my bubbling sense of humour.
  12. I am at peace with myself.
  13. Other life forms generate in me a sense of wonder and love.
  14. Others consider me more mature and wise than average.
  15. I am able to express myself on all levels and in all ways.

Now add up your scores.


0-37  Below Average: Such a score will probably indicate that you are not happy with yourself or your lot. But remember that you have the power to change your circumstances. You need to make your life more meaningful, both to yourself and others. Try to consider life objectively or talk to someone whose opinion you value.

38-46  Average: As this intelligence incorporates peace of mind, laughter and fulfillment, it is worthwhile developing it further.

47-56  Above Average: With the emotional strengths you obviously have already, strengthen those areas where you are weaker.

57-65  On the Right Track: You are comparatively wise and are living a fulfilled life. Continue on the path.

66-75  Emotional Genius: You need no advice.

The good news is that there are ways to enhance your Emotional Intelligence: